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  • Wichard Carbon & Wood Knife (10180) Wichard Carbon & Wood Knife (10180)

    Wichard Aquaterra Wooden Handle Knife

    A new wooden-handled knife from Wichard, blending modern aramid and carbon fibre with traditional French olive-wood, this model offers both classical elegance and modernism. This knife is the perfect gift for any occasion, and is a must-have item for...

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  • Wichard Aquaterra Serrated Blade Knives (Blue, Red or Black) Wichard Aquaterra Plain Blade Knives + Corkscrew (Blue, Red or Black)

    Wichard Aquaterra Knives

    The Aquaterra knife is the must-have knife for practising outdoor aquatic sports such as fishing, motor boating, kayaking or even outdoor hobbies. Features Stainless steel blade High cutting power High corrosion resistance Safety locking...

    $35.32 - $49.48
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  • Wichard Offshore knives - Serrated blade - Shackler / Spike (10122-10129) Wichard Offshore Knives - Single serrated blades (10112-10119)

    Wichard Offshore Sailing Knife

    Wichard Offshore Sailing Knives Designed for sailing and for highly demanding skippers, the Offshore knife offers a range of essential functions on-board a boat. Features Remarkable cutting power Outstanding corrosion resistance thanks to a...

    $49.34 - $64.06
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  • Wichard Rigger Sheath (10005)

    Wichard Rigger Sheath

    Wichard Rigger Sheath Part # 10005 Rigger knife kit with leather sheath Rigger's leather sheath for 20 cm fixed blade knife and shackler/marine spike Weight: 0.026 kg Applications: Mainsheet systems Halyard applications boom...

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