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Soft-Link Shackle

  • Black Grey

    Ronstan Kite Blocks

    Kite Blocks Product No. Description Sheave Ø(mm) Max. Rope Ø(mm) MWL (kg) BL (kg) Weight (g) RF13101-2 KiteBlock, Black, White Sheave (Retail Pack, 2 Blocks) 16 4 150 300 5 RF13101G-2 KiteBlock, Grey, White...

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  • SALE
    RF9003-07, RF9004-08, RF9004-09, RF9005-10, RF9006-12

    Ronstan Dyneema® Links

    Dyneema® Links Product No. Description Dimension Suits Part Numbers RF9003-07 S40 Singles & Fiddles, S30 Doubles & Triples Ø3mm x ID 70mm Suits RF45101, RF45111, RF45131, RF45501, RF45511, RF45521, RF45531,...

    $9.56 - $12.07
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  • Wichard SoftLink Connector (21203, 21204, 21205) sample of loop with connector

    Wichard SoftLink Connector

    Connectors for SoftLink Soft Shackles Material: Stainless Steel Application: Soft shackle Specifications Part no. 21203 Stainless steel connecting part for Wichard Softlink 3.0 (21223) Weight: 7 g Part no. 21204 Stainless steel connecting...

    $10.01 - $15.30
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  • Wichard SoftLink 3.0 Soft Shackle (21223) Wichard SoftLink 4.0 Soft Shackle (21224)

    Wichard SoftLink Soft Shackle

    Wichard soft shackles SoftLink is a soft shackle developed by Wichard for recreational sailors looking for performance and ease of use. For the same strength, SoftLink is 4 or 5 times lighter than a 316L stainless steel shackle. No knowledge of...

    $30.75 - $47.91
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