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Rudder Hardware

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    Ronstan Transom Pintle RF2515/RF515A

    Ronstan Transom Pintle

    Transom Pintle Product No. Description Pin Ø (mm) Weight (g) RF2515 7.9mm Diameter Pin 7.9 47 RF2515A Alloy, 7.9mm Diameter Pin 7.9 60   PRODUCT INFORMATION Pins are cross drilled to accept the RF413...

    $39.22 - $42.71
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  • Ronstan Rudder Gudgeon RF2501 Ronstan Rudder Gudgeon RF2503

    Ronstan Rudder Gudgeon

    Rudder Gudgeon Product No. Description Hole Ø (mm) Internal Width(mm) Strap Length(mm) Weight (g) RF2501 32mm Wide 7.9mm Diameter 7.9 32.0 96.0 85 RF2503 40mm Wide 7.9mm Diameter 7.9 40.0 96...

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    RF239 (38mm opening) RF243 (25mm opening)

    Ronstan Rudder Gudgeons

    Rudder Gudgeons Product No. Description Hole Ø (mm) Pin Ø (mm) Strap Length (mm) Weight (g) RF239 38mm Opening 6.4 - 51 40 RF243 25mm Opening - 6.4 56 40   MATERIALS Grade 316 stainless...

    $17.44 - $18.83
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